1. EuroDIG 2014 - Brief Impressions from an US Europhile

    Dialogue is a conversation between 2 parties.  In EuroDIG who are the two parties?  From my perception at this meeting it has been between the panelists up on the dais and the participants down on the floor.   Some of the new meeting measures that were introduced have moved it toward more of a conversation among all participants, this could evolve further.

    Some of the points I picked up from the discussion,  these are but a few and I am but one participant:

    • The Internet is global and the periodic talk of a European Internet is counter productive at best.

    • Europe is committed to human rights but has diverse views on how to balance these rights and how to enforce them.

    • Multistakeholderism means all stakeholders have equal footing in discussions, though one of the stakeholders may take the lead in implementation and deployment of the decisions.

    • It is unclear whether democratic oversight of surveillance is possible.  Multistakeholder work is needed to deal with transnational issues, that balances the various aspects of security in the context of human rights.

    • The Internet is a paradise lost – while it is unclear that paradise ever existed, we want it back.  We should not accept limits on our on-line freedoms too easily.

    Possible ways forward:

    • Continue working to expand the dialogue into a multilogue.

    • Continue the work on capacity building, especially for European political leaders

    • Pick a European policy goal and focus during the year between now and the 2015 EuroDIG to produce an input to both the IGF and the EU. E.g.:

      • Concrete steps for finding our way back to the Internet we want.