1. IPv6: stipulations, …

    (old draft i found in the draft directory.  might as well publish)

    I have a bad reputation when it comes to IPv6.  When the winner of the IP - Next Generation (IPng) beauty contest was declared IPv6 in 1996, I was among those who cried foul.  I thought the wrong contestant had been picked, that the choice was defective, and that the method of making the decision was inappropriate. For years, I argued against IPv6 gradually relenting to the deployment of the protocol.  A lot of things still concern me about the protocol, but I have been warned by many, that when people discuss the faults of IPv6 we disuade people from adopting IPv6, a protocol that many see as necessary for the continuation of the Internet as we know it. The many, includes many people who I respect, so even though I do not understand their arguments, I am willing to stipulate that if all of these knowleadgeable people say IPv6 is necessary, it must be necessary.

    But that still doesn’t mean it every will actually replace IPv4.