1. Surprise and shock at yet another delay (YAD) in the start of new gTLD program.

    There have been two articles that quote the Board Chair of ICANN, Peter Dengate Thrush, as saying that the decisions on the new program will be delayed until the end of the ICANN meeting in June.  Of course I can’t confirm that the facts in the articles in CircleId and Domainicite.com are indeed the case, but it sort of stands to reason, so it could be true.  

    If there is going to be a prior notion of the possibility of coming to an agreement with the GAC on the Thursday before the San Francisco meeting ends, the Board can’t very well make a decision in one night to change the program.  And, given the possibility that they actually make some substantive concessions (which I hope they don’t), how can the Board initiate the program without giving us, those who created the program in ICANN’s vaunted bottom-up process, a chance for appropriate wailing and gnashing of teeth over our bitter disappointment and great chagrin.

    Some would ask, but why wait for Jordan meeting to make the decision.  Well, first, who really believes we are still going to Jordan in this political climate?  But more relevantly, what’s 3 months in the geological time periods that ICANN works in?  How long have we been waiting on this program? 5 years? 10 years? More years?  What’s another few months?

    One thing we can be grateful for.  We used to delay 9-12 months at a time several times a year, now the delays are only 3 months long.  ”It’s getting better all the time.”


    Why Yet Another Delay (YAD)?  Because this is ICANN we are talking about and what good is a blog on ICANN without introducing Yet Another Acronym (YAA) or two.