1. Let a thousand flowers bloom

    (This is an email I sent to the the NARALO list.  I liked it and it seems a few other people did too.  But it had some typos, that bothered me all the way from EWR to MEX  - which considering the number I make is really quite funny. So I reproduce it here with a few edits.)


    as a very active and vocal proponent of “let a thousand flowers bloom”  I feel i should offer a few words in support of this notion.

    in fact the reason i am involved with ICANN is the blooming of a 1000 blooms

    • in WGIG I said ICANN should quit dithering about and new gTLD should happen now, like they long promised.
    • and people in ICANN said come put your time where your mouth is -
      (Note: I said time and not money because i didn’t and still don’t have any money)

    i do this with the full awareness that I may get slammed, if ever so politely, for such heresy on the NARALO list.

    personally, i always find the polite and civil slams cut the deepest.

    i always liked the image of flowers blooming.  

    not only are flowers very pretty, each appealing to a different personality type.

    many of them are valuable, though sometimes we don’t see the value.

    i live in a neighborhood where most everyone has the same kind of grass.

    and for most people in the neighborhood one type of grass is enough.

    and they work really hard, 

    with their poisons and their weed wackers to kill all the nasty weeds.

    i tend to cultivate the weeds.

    scything around the pretty blooms

    to get rid of the common grass.

    i like the diversity that the blooms others call weeds,

    brings to my world.

    so too with new gTLDs.  

    to be honest, I don’t really  see 

    - why NYC needs a gTLD.

    - why anyone would want a .sport

    - or who should care about a .mine

      for some value of ‘mine’

    but so what?

    they think they need one.

    or they think someone else needs one.

    and that is good enough for me.

    in a diverse world, why do i need to understand?

    i just need to accept that they see a reason.

    and the bees and the birds and the other critters,

    like my yard better than they like the neighbor’s.

    lots of places to make a habitat in the city.

    and every once in a while something dangerous may happen by, but a dog, a cat and a flashlight to shine on them is usually enough to deal with it.  and sure sometimes we want to call the professional to help with the skunks.  but the skunks would be around anyway.

    at least in my yard, we know where they live.

    and some people think they can produce wealth 

    from new gTLDs;

    and good for them.

    if someone had  not realized the value of the weed called tomato,

    think of how boring Italian food might be.

    so i say,

    let a thousand flowers bloom.

    some will thrive,

    some will die to maybe come back again another year.

    as for users and what they need.  


    beyond basic food and clean water and rudimentary shelter and health care and gray sack cloth

    we don’t need anything else.

    or do we?

    i need pretty flowers.

    perhaps it is just that they suit my vanity

    but so what?



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