1. A second take on #WGEC recommendations

    (Note these have yet to be discussed by the larger group.  Just a stake in the ground from a few of the stakeholders)

    Draft recommendation bullets prepared by a group of WGEC members and Observers

    • Acknowledges that the Tunis Agenda, if it is to continue as a reference point for all stakeholders, should be considered as a living document which needs to be updated to reflect the roles and responsibilities of all participants;
    • Encourages the rethinking of the stakeholder roles that were defined by governments unilaterally in the Tunis Agenda, noting that these roles were originally defined by governments in December 2003, Geneva Declaration of Principles;
    • Affirms that the internet belongs to everyone: everyone can use it and everyone can improve it: this also applies to its governance;
    • Acknowledges that Enhanced Cooperation is well underway as intended in Tunis Agenda paragraphs 67 through 75;
    • Concludes that no new multilateral arrangements, are required for Enhanced Cooperation;
    • Acknowledges that new mechanisms spring into existence organically as they are needed and that there is no need to create new mechanisms in a top down manner;
    • Acknowledges the efforts of various existing mechanisms to understand internet governance and to make public policy in light of, and taking into account, its multi-stakeholder nature;
    • Congratulates the IGF for its work in meeting its Tunis Agenda defined role in fostering Enhanced Cooperation;
    • Encourages the IGF to cover all issues of Internet governance that are of concern to stakeholders and to form ongoing Issue Discussion Groups within the IGF to make recommendations on these issues to the larger IGF community;
    • Encourages the IGF to follow the recommendations of the CSTD WG on IGF Improvements including its mandate to give advice to the functional Internet governance and management organizations;
    • Encourages those making public policy to engage more fully in the IGF and to bring to the IGF their questions on internet related matters within their mandates;
    • Encourages all governments to commit to the IGF, and to use the IGF process as an opportunity not just to engage with all other stakeholders, but as an opportunity to work with each other on an equal footing;
    • Invites all Internet governance and management organizations to participate in the IGF. 
    • Reinforces the multistakeholder approach and encourages all stakeholders to engage more in and work with existing organisations and to explore ways in which stakeholder engagement can be enhanced.